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Ivanhoe Lake’s Drive-To Monster Walleye

Summer time is one of the best times to target trophy walleye.
Photo credit: Mark Romanack
From "Editor's Note: In his newest article, Mark Romanack, host of "Fishing 411", offers some great advice and tips that you can use for catching walleye in Algoma Country. Mark uses his vast experience and knowledge to catch walleye at Red Pine Lodge, a drive-in fishing lodge on Ivanhoe Lake. For more information about walleye fishing trips in Algoma Country visit"

Located just off Highway 101 and a short drive east of Chapleau, Ontario awaits Ivanhoe Lake. Ivanhoe Lake has a rich sport fishing history and is well known among locals for being a "walleye factory" bulging at the banks with eating sized fish. What even the locals don't fully understand is Ivanhoe Lake also produces staggering numbers of trophy class walleye.

Generation Next, Great Lakes Fishing Boats

By Mark Romanack

The Phantom 222 and 202 Off Shore
For the countless fishermen who ply the Great Lakes in search of trout, salmon, steelhead and walleye, the times they are a changing. Ultra clear water, scattered pockets of game fish and a declining population of forage fish are forcing anglers to adopt new fishing methods and more mobile fishing strategies.

The Phantom 222 and 202 Off Shore models pictured here represent a whole new generation of open water fishing boats for Smoker Craft Marine.

Pikein' with Plastics

By Mark Romanack

About 20 years ago I started experimenting with soft plastics for fishing northern pike. Early on I spent most of my time dressing various jig types with a wealth of soft plastic bait sizes and designs. The early success I enjoyed catching pike on plastics convinced me to explore other ways of fishing plastics.

These days soft plastic baits have become deeply engrained in just about every pike fishing presentation in my bag of tricks. Early in the season or late, in cover or open water, casting or trolling, soft plastics are part of just about everything good in pike fishing.

One of the most basic and effective ways to incorporate soft plastics into pike fishing is by tipping traditional hard baits to add more action to these lures.Besides dressing a jig with soft plastics, there are countless other lures that benefit from the “tipping” process. Not only does tipping with soft plastic improve the action of many lures, it puts a scent stream in the water that further enhances the presentation. After market scents can be used on soft plastics that are not factory scent impregnated.