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Boat Rigging Tips

By Mark Romanack

A fishing boat is a big investment and to get the most
performance and enjoyment from that investment requires
taking a serious approach to boat rigging.
Boat rigging is serious business. No matter if you’re rigging a new boat or making upgrades to a boat that’s stood the test of time, now is not the time to get penny wise and dollar foolish. Dollars spent on quality marine accessories will stand the test of time and deliver dependable service for years to come.

Getting The Most From Trolling Reels

By Mark Romanack

Mechanical line counters like this popular Okuma Cold Water
can be tremendous trolling aids in the hands of anglers who
understand how they function and how to get the most from them.
Most serious trollers have come to the conclusion that a line counter style trolling reel is the only practical way to monitor lead lengths or “feet back” numbers while trolling. The problem comes in when anglers expect their mechanical driven reels to perform “feet back” miracles!

Simply stated, a mechanical line counter reel is only as accurate as the angler who owns it and uses it properly. Trolling style line counter reels are gear driven devices that in the hands of a skilled fishermen can convert trolling from a pursuit of blind faith into literally a “fish harvesting” system.

Power Trolling for Pike

By Mark Romanack

Name a fish species that grows big, is exceptionally powerful, has an aggressive nature and is abundant throughout their natural range. The answer is the northern pike and while these fish have all these attributes and more, many anglers turn a blind eye towards the species. Not many anglers seem to recognize the value of pike, the stubborn fight these fish provide or the mild flavor of their firm and flaky flesh.

For those who do appreciate the pike, there are almost no limits to the places they can be fished or the recreational value this species provides. Found all across the Midwest, the Upper Great Lakes and in Canada, pike are out there just waiting to be appreciated.

Mini Boards, Less Really Is More

By Mark Romanack

Ever hear the adage that less is more? Sure, almost everyone appreciates a touch of minimalism when it can make our busy lives a little easier to navigate. In the world of sport fishing, less translates into simple and that’s almost always a good thing.

Admittedly, trolling in general can be a rather complex way to target fish. Most trolling presentations are laden down with lots of gear and also the knowledge of how best to put these products to work. That’s exactly why Off Shore Tackle’s new Mini Planer Board is so exciting.

New Tadpole Tricks

The author often uses Tadpole Divers rigged with
Big Al Fish Flash to target Great Lakes walleye.
By Mark Romanack

The Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diver has quickly become a “go-to” product for targeting walleye, trout and salmon. Available in four sizes including the No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and the Magnum, these non-toxic and non-directional divers are simple to use, ingenious in design and best of all they can be used as flat lines or fished in combination with planer boards. About the only time Tadpoles don’t work is when they sit in the tackle box!

One of the new ways of fishing Tadpole divers is by rigging them in combination with a popular attractor called a Big Al Fish Flash, produced by Yakima Bait Company. These attractors simply spin in the water giving off rapid bursts of light. The flashes generated by the Fish Flash mimic the natural pulsations of light that occur when baitfish are darting to escape predators.