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Drop Shot Walleye

By Mark Romanack

The author’s buddy Dan LaFond poses with a very nice
walleye caught using a drop shot rig on a fly-in lake in Ontario.
Drop shot rigging is a wildly popular bass fishing presentation that just happens to work wonders on walleye too! I came upon this realization recently while fishing walleye at Kag Lake, a fly-in destination owned by Leuenberger’s Air Service out of Nakina, Ontario. My guest for the week was bass fishing pro Kendall Ulsh who helped me better understand how deadly effective drop shotting can be.

This particular trip fishing was outstanding and it didn't take long for my crew to catch enough walleye on traditional methods to put an episode of Fishing 411 TV in the can. With time on our hands, we started exploring other less orthodox methods of catching walleye and Kendall suggested trying drop shot rigging.

Five Can't Miss Fishing Baits

By Mark Romanack          

Salmo Hornet  in Gold Color
What’s hot and what’s not, is something on the minds of anglers everywhere. A lot of what fishing boils down to is having the right bait in the water. From the salmon angler who trolls spoons, to the guy who targets walleye with harnesses and everything in between, hot lures are something every angler should pay close attention to.

Precision Trolling Data Apps Soar to Great Heights

Back in 1989 when the concept of Precision Trolling and the proprietary Dive Curve was first conceived, the idea of instantly sharing critical fishing information with 10’s of thousands of avid anglers was little more than a pipe dream. Today that dream has been achieved thanks to the advent of the “smart phone” and the countless individuals who use these “personal devices” to organize and access all the important information in their lives.

The company currently known as Precision Trolling Data, LLC originated as Crankbaits In-Depth back in 1989. “Precision Trolling provides a rather unique service in the fishing industry,” says Mark Romanack the company founder and visionary. “Essentially we’re an independent company that tests popular crankbaits and other devices commonly used in trolling to document the depths these products achieve at various trolling speeds and lead lengths. In testing we closely control all the details including lead length, line diameter, line type and trolling speed so as to create “Dive Curve Charts” that are literally a road map to fishing success.”

Walleye Fishing with HammerTime Spinners

By Mark Romanack

The author's "go to" walleye spinner rig in
recent years has become the Hildebrandt
Hammertime Spinner.  Tied using fluorocarbon
line, premium hooks, premium blades, and
quick change clerics, this spinner rig is ideal
for bottom bouncer fishing applications.
To walleye fishermen, the bottom bouncer and spinner rig is affectionately referred to as the “money rig”. This common walleye presentation has won more money for more tournament anglers than all the other fishing presentations combined!

The question is - why is the bottom bouncer and spinner rig so effective and the answer is as simple as the fact this fishing method works just about everywhere walleye are found. From natural lakes, to the Great Lakes, reservoirs and even in rivers this “go to” structure fishing rig catches walleye day in and day out.