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Announcement - Mark Romanack Joins Orca Coolers Coveted Pro Staff

Orca Coolers is proud to announce that Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 TV is joining the coveted Team Orca Pro Staff. “Orca produces “extreme” coolers that are American made by individuals who share a passion for the outdoors,” says Romanack the Producer and Host of Fishing 411. “Designed to be the last cooler you’ll ever need to buy, Orca produces five different cooler sizes including 26, 40, 58, 75 and 140 quart models. My favorite size is the 26 quart model that is the ideal boat cooler for keeping snacks, drinks and bait fresh.”

Orca Coolers will become the official cooler of Fishing 411 and the “closed captioning” sponsor for 2015/16. Fishing 411 TV broadcasts on World Fishing Network during the first, second and third 150 broadcasts annually. Host and team leader Mark Romanack is a lifelong sportsman and one of America’s most published members of the outdoor media. The author of 15 books on fishing, Romanack has also written over 3,000 full length magazine feature articles and published literally 10’s of thousands of outdoor photographs in his 30+ year career as an outdoor communicator.

“Fishing 411 aims to help others better enjoy the outdoors and Orca Coolers produces products that every outdoor enthusiast will appreciate,” adds Romanack. To learn more about Orca Coolers visit or You can also follow Fishing411, Mark Romanack and Orca Coolers on Facebook.