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Pondering December Fishing Opportunities

By Mark Romanack

Weather dictates open water trolling opportunities in December.  In some
years the fishing at places like Saginaw Bay and Lake Erie can be red hot
and on others icy cold.
They say every dog has his day. Unfortunately, some months just don’t have as many “dog days” to offer as others. As for this ole dog, if I were making the calendar it would have two Aprils and two Octobers. To make up for this monthly double dipping, I’d do away with both December and March. Doing away with these marginal fishing months would maximize my fishing opportunities and eliminate that birthday thing I’ve been trying to ignore in recent years anyway!

Twice as many days in April would allow me the opportunity to get my fill of walleye action on the Detroit River, spring run browns at Manistee, coho salmon in St. Joe and even a few strokes on Great Lakes pike.

Trolling Speed, Going the Extra Mile

By Mark Romanack

Accurately controlling your speed when trolling is key to successfully
hauling in quality fish like this nice walleye caught by the author.
Every seasoned troller I know watches his or her trolling speed indicators like a hawk. It’s amazing how often even a subtle increase or decrease in trolling speed triggers fish strikes. The first step is getting the most from trolling speed is understanding how speed fluctuations as small as 1/10th of a MPH can and do make a difference. The next step is having the right equipment on board to take full advantage of controlling and just as important monitoring trolling speed.

Let’s start with the bad news regarding manipulating trolling speed. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of primary outboard motors and also kicker motors are not designed to deliver the subtle variations in trolling speed avid anglers covet. Most of these motors are equipped with a traditional “cable style” linkage throttle system. Cable throttle controls do not have the range of control required to dial in subtle changes in trolling speed. To gain speed control down to plus or minus 1/10th MPH requires an outboard with electronic throttle controls or some after market products.  

Why Extreme Coolers Make Sense

By Mark Romanack

Orca extreme coolers are 100% American made and built to
last a lifetime.
Looking for a unique gift for a special person who enjoys the outdoors? Extreme coolers like the fiberglass models produced by Orca represent one of those items every outdoorsman or woman would love to own.

A few things set Orca coolers apart from the competition. First and foremost these coolers are 100% American made, engineered to keep food cold up to a week and built to last a lifetime.  The thick wall construction and gasket sealing work together to keep ice days longer than conventional cooler designs.

Secondly, the anti-slide legs insures that the cooler stays put on whatever surface it sits on. This small but important feature makes the cooler not only functional for the intended purpose, but helps it double as a safe and stable boat seat.

From hunting to fishing to tailgating, an extreme cooler like the Orca
will be a gift any outdoorsman or woman will cherish.
Thirdly, the Orca cooler features heavy duty, highly functional and easily replaced hinge and rubber latches. The hinges and lid latches on conventional coolers are often broken before you get them out of the store!

Lastly, while the cost of extreme coolers is well.... a little extreme. The fact is, the savings in ice will more than pay for the cooler over time. In the meantime, your drinks, food, game and fish will stay far cooler than possible in an ordinary cooler. To put the extreme cooler concept in total perspective, ponder this fact. An Orca cooler is going to outlast your pickup truck that costs about 40K! Think about that for a minute, then go out and find yourself an Orca dealer.

Orca coolers are available in five sizes including 26, 40, 58, 75 and 140 quart sizes. For more information visit

Road Trip, Destination Fish City

By Mark Romanack

The Big Manistee River is Michigan’s premier steelhead fishing stream
in late fall and early winter.
Who among us hasn’t made a New Years resolution? Mostly we resolve about the less important things in life, like cutting back on our overeating, excessive drinking and smoking habits.  Unfortunately, the real important resolutions -- the need to fish and to fish more often -- get put on the back burner. This year address the important issues in your life and make a resolution to spend more time on the water and also to zero in on that preverbal “Fish City” where the big ones are as common as mosquito bites in June.

Mark Romanack and Fishing 411 TV Announce Marketing Agreement with Argo Amphibious ATV

Mark Romanack and 411 Productions announced today they have reached a marketing agreement with Argo Amphibious ATV vehicles. In continuous operation since 1967, Argo produces the world’s most unique amphibious vehicles capable of navigating water, mud, sand, deep snow, marsh, ice, steep grades and all while hauling more passengers and gear than any other ATV.

“Argo ATV’s are amazing machines,” says Mark Romanack, the host of Fishing 411 TV and owner of 411 Productions. “My 750 HDi can handle up to 1150 pounds of cargo and passengers while towing up to 1800 pounds! The Argo has power and traction you just can’t get in other ATV’s”

“My goal is to use the Argo to expand both our wilderness fishing and ice fishing filming adventures,” says Romanack. “Between filming opportunities this machine isn’t going to be sitting idle. I also plan to use the Argo for hauling firewood, plowing snow, doing landscaping work and on as many waterfowl hunting trips as my wife Mari and I can squeeze in.”

It’s no wonder the Argo is in wide use by search and rescue organizations, timber cruisers, utility companies, public safety officers and hard core outdoorsmen. The Argo will simply navigate rugged terrain quads and side by sides can’t.

For a better appreciation of what an Argo can do, visit and check out the many videos that show the Argo at work and play.

Watch for Mark’s 750 HDi in action on future episodes of Fishing 411 broadcast on the World Fishing Network and also on the Fishing 411 with Mark Romanack YouTube channel