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Mark Romanack and Fishing 411 TV Announce Marketing Agreement with Argo Amphibious ATV

Mark Romanack and 411 Productions announced today they have reached a marketing agreement with Argo Amphibious ATV vehicles. In continuous operation since 1967, Argo produces the world’s most unique amphibious vehicles capable of navigating water, mud, sand, deep snow, marsh, ice, steep grades and all while hauling more passengers and gear than any other ATV.

“Argo ATV’s are amazing machines,” says Mark Romanack, the host of Fishing 411 TV and owner of 411 Productions. “My 750 HDi can handle up to 1150 pounds of cargo and passengers while towing up to 1800 pounds! The Argo has power and traction you just can’t get in other ATV’s”

“My goal is to use the Argo to expand both our wilderness fishing and ice fishing filming adventures,” says Romanack. “Between filming opportunities this machine isn’t going to be sitting idle. I also plan to use the Argo for hauling firewood, plowing snow, doing landscaping work and on as many waterfowl hunting trips as my wife Mari and I can squeeze in.”

It’s no wonder the Argo is in wide use by search and rescue organizations, timber cruisers, utility companies, public safety officers and hard core outdoorsmen. The Argo will simply navigate rugged terrain quads and side by sides can’t.

For a better appreciation of what an Argo can do, visit and check out the many videos that show the Argo at work and play.

Watch for Mark’s 750 HDi in action on future episodes of Fishing 411 broadcast on the World Fishing Network and also on the Fishing 411 with Mark Romanack YouTube channel