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Why Extreme Coolers Make Sense

By Mark Romanack

Orca extreme coolers are 100% American made and built to
last a lifetime.
Looking for a unique gift for a special person who enjoys the outdoors? Extreme coolers like the fiberglass models produced by Orca represent one of those items every outdoorsman or woman would love to own.

A few things set Orca coolers apart from the competition. First and foremost these coolers are 100% American made, engineered to keep food cold up to a week and built to last a lifetime.  The thick wall construction and gasket sealing work together to keep ice days longer than conventional cooler designs.

Secondly, the anti-slide legs insures that the cooler stays put on whatever surface it sits on. This small but important feature makes the cooler not only functional for the intended purpose, but helps it double as a safe and stable boat seat.

From hunting to fishing to tailgating, an extreme cooler like the Orca
will be a gift any outdoorsman or woman will cherish.
Thirdly, the Orca cooler features heavy duty, highly functional and easily replaced hinge and rubber latches. The hinges and lid latches on conventional coolers are often broken before you get them out of the store!

Lastly, while the cost of extreme coolers is well.... a little extreme. The fact is, the savings in ice will more than pay for the cooler over time. In the meantime, your drinks, food, game and fish will stay far cooler than possible in an ordinary cooler. To put the extreme cooler concept in total perspective, ponder this fact. An Orca cooler is going to outlast your pickup truck that costs about 40K! Think about that for a minute, then go out and find yourself an Orca dealer.

Orca coolers are available in five sizes including 26, 40, 58, 75 and 140 quart sizes. For more information visit