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A Good Fishing Trip is a Safe One: What You Need to Know About PFDs and Safety Gear

By Mark Romanack
Published in Algoma Country

The author takes inflatable life vests on every fishing trip. These vests are so
lightweight you hardly know you’re wearing a PFD.
It's an unfortunate but indisputable fact... fishermen are notorious for not wearing a PFD (personal flotation device) while fishing. When authorities ask anglers why they are not wearing their PFD, the most common reply is that most flotation vests are bulky and uncomfortable to wear. It's true that many PFD's are uncomfortable. Traditional Foam Type III flotation vests are long on function but short on comfort.

Anglers who own this style of traditional life vest often wear them while the boat is on plane and take them off to fish. This sets up a potentially disastrous situation.

According to both the US and Canadian Coast Guard, most drownings involving fishermen are the result of a person not wearing a personal flotation device or PFD for short. Mustang Survival is one of the leading manufacturers of PFD's and on their web page it states, "the best PFD is the one a person wears".  ...Read More