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Fishing 411 has Smooth Moves

Fishing 411 TV and Smooth Moves recently reached a marketing and advertising agreement. Smooth Moves is based in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota and is the producer of a highly popular spring/shock mechanical suspension system for boat seats. “Smooth Moves put the fun back into fishing,” says Mark Romanack, the host of Fishing 411 Television. “I’ve spent my entire life fishing and running in rough water conditions has taken a toll on my body. Smooth Moves suspensions are easily adjustable in height and also for anglers’ weights ranging from 100 to 300 pounds”. “Smooth Moves suspensions have a built-in slide and swivel 360 degrees,” added Romanack. “Not only does the Smooth Moves mechanism take the torture out of fishing in rough water, these suspensions can be easily mounted in any fishing boat in just a few minutes time.”

Smooth Moves produces two models including the Smooth Moves Ultra at a MSRP of $550.00 and the Smooth Moves Classic which retails for $450.00. Both of these spring/shock assisted suspensions turn rough water boating into a painless affair!

“The Fishing 411 team is very excited to be fishing and endorsing Smooth Moves” explains Romanack. “This winter interested fishermen can take a “test ride” by visiting the Fishing 411 Boat/Sport Show Display at the Ultimate Fishing Show in Novi, MI, the Outdoor-a-Rama Show in Detroit, the Ultimate Sport Show in Grand Rapids, MI and the Greater Niagara Sportfishing Expo in Niagara Falls, NY.

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