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Mark's Mailbag - Do I have to tune Rapala crankbaits?

Mark's Mailbag are occasional posts to the blog in response to questions people submit on the Fishing 411 website.  Mark personally responds to the question and when relevant, we repost his answer here.  If you have a question you would like to ask Mark, please visit us at

On October 3rd, Shawn wrote - 
Hi Mark, I Been told that Rapala's crankbaits don't have to be tuned. Is that true?

Mark replies - Shawn, all crankbaits need to be tuned, but Rapala baits tend to be water ready more than other brands on average. The balsa versions, i.e.: Shad Raps, Taildancers, original minnows are all spot on. The plastic baits, Husky Jerk, RS Shad Raps are also good, but need some tweaking from time to time. Any crankbait, even the ones that come tuned in the package will eventually get knocked out of tune and need adjustment. A pair of needle nose pliers is the tool for the job. Great question Shawn, thanks for writing.