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Tadpoles and Willowspoons

By Tony Puccio with Mark Romanack

Tony Puccio of Bait Rigs Tackle is one of the Author’s oldest friends and
also one of the best walleye anglers you’ll ever meet. Tony uses the Tadpole
 Diver produced by Off Shore Tackle to fish the Bait Rigs Tackle Willowspoon
 for open water walleye. The combination is made in heaven and gives open
 water trollers another option to toss at those big water walleye.
The Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Resettable Divers are seeing a lot of action among open water walleye trollers. Most of the guys using these divers are matching them up with traditional Colorado blade worm harnesses and beating up the open water walleye.

Another great terminal tackle option for the Tadpole Diver are small spoons like the Bait Rigs Walleye Willowspoon. This spoon comes in two sizes and is factory rigged with a single hook. Tie up a six foot leader of 12-15 pound test fluorocarbon line and tip the hook with half a nightcrawler. The Willowspoon fishes great behind a Tadpole Diver and gives walleye anglers another presentation to explore.

Willowspoons are so thin and lightweight they have great action at trolling speeds ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 MPH. Available in seven different colors, the No. 3 size in gold is my favorite for walleye.