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The “Just Right” Planer Board

Bruce DeShano “The Chairman of the Boards” holds the
new SST Pro Mag board which was designed to carry
 heavy loads of lead core, copper line and also divers for
off shore trout, salmon, musky and saltwater
trolling applications.
By Mark Romanack

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldilocks repeatedly had three options. In each case she ultimately found one that was just right.   

Fishermen searching for the “just right” in-line planer boards are faced with a similar situation. Off Shore Tackle, the leading producer of trolling products in America now offers three different in-line planer boards and each fills an important niche in trolling.

As the name implies Mini-Boards are small, lightweight and designed to be fished with light tackle. Designed around the rapidly growing crappie trolling market, the Mini-Board is ideal for pulling small crankbaits, spinners, spoons and jigs. 

“The cool thing about using the Mini-Boards is they don’t require owning matched sets of trolling rods and line counter reels,” says Nick DeShano of Off Shore Tackle. “A Mini-Board can be fished with any rod and reel an angler might own, making it easy to get started in the game of board trolling.”

The Mini Board was designed for smaller species like these crappie, but
 many walleye, pike and even steelhead anglers have found niche fishing
situations that favor the use of this small board.
The Mini-Board was built with crappie trolling in mind, but this board also functions well for other trolling applications. Walleye and pike  fishermen love the Mini-Board for pulling stickbaits over the top of emerging weed flats in the spring. Steelhead anglers use the Mini-Board to spread out their Drop Back Plugging efforts and also to fish crankbaits from shore.

The Side-Planer board is the in-line board that got the world thinking about a better mouse trap. The OR12 Side-Planer wasn’t the first in-line board to hit the market, but it was the first one that worked flawlessly at all speeds, with a multitude of trolling gear and for a host of trolling applications. 

This board gets the nod for everything from walleye to pike, musky, off shore steelhead, trout, salmon and yes panfish trolling. The workhorse of planer boards, this model has the advantage of being designed to accept a host of different line releases and clips. The Side-Planer can be rigged to fish with monofilament or super braids. It can be rigged to release or configured to stay on the line.

In short, the Side-Planer does a lot of things well and this is the primary reason it has become the overwhelmingly best selling in-line planer board in history. An icon among trolling products, the Side-Planer has a home in countless fishing boats, north, south, east and west!

The Side-Planer started it all and is considered the
“workhorse” of in-line planer boards. Popular with anglers
all across the country, this is the most versatile and best
elling in-line board in sport fishing history.
The new SST Pro Mag is the largest in-line board in the Off Shore Tackle family of products. Built to carry a load, this board shines brightly among anglers who fish with long lengths of lead core line or copper line. The SST Pro Mag planes so well many anglers are using it to fish diving planers, heavy weight systems like the No. 3 and Magnum Tadpole Divers and even lead balls up to pound!

Factory equipped with an OR18 Snapper Release on the tow arm and a OR16 Snap Weight Clip at the back of the board, this board comes out of the package ready to fish. A big hit with trout and salmon trollers, the SST Pro Mag is also ideally suited to trolling for musky and saltwater species.

In the world of trolling it is good to have choices. Off Shore Tackle produces three different in-line boards to cover every conceivable board trolling situation. Add in the large array of line clips and releases also produced by Off Shore Tackle and it’s obvious why so many anglers won’t troll with anything but Off Shore Tackle products.