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Tackle Storage Solution

By Mark Romanack

Show me a fisherman and I’ll show you a guy or gal who’s frustrated with how to best store their coveted fishing gear. Some of the most difficult to store terminal tackle falls into the “rig” category. This broad based term can mean a lot of things including crawler harnesses, trolling flies and squids, herring harnesses, sardine heads, slip sinker set ups, diver leaders, meat rigs and much, much more.

All of these items are tough to store because they involve leaders of various line diameters and overall lengths. To neatly store this kind of gear requires a system that makes it easy to wrap up and just as importantly unwrap these leaders. Most of the solutions in this category come in the form of “leader wheels” that wrap up the line so tightly it quickly gets memory coils. Also, some rigs like “downrigger sliders” and “diver leaders”
just don’t wrap well on leader wheels because they don’t have any hooks on them to stick into the wheel.

I have always disliked leader wheels because they also tend to crush hard to store rigs like my Spin n Glo collection. The wings on the Spin n Glo are easily crushed and most storage systems just don’t work well for these rigs.

Recently I discovered a new way to store fishing rigs from a company called FISHENG Products. The brainchild of fishermen Dave Eng these storage systems come in various sizes, but all feature flat foam sheets with pre-cut slits that allow all sorts of rigs to be wrapped on these boards and then stored in the provided utility box. Depending on what kind of rig is being placed on the boards, two or three of these boards can easily be stored in one utility box.

I just finished converting all my walleye rigs over to the FISHENG system and will soon do the same with my salmon trolling harnesses and rigs. To find out more about FISHENG products I suggest visiting There are also some interesting videos on YouTube that further explain how to get the most from these ultra cool rig storage systems.

Finally I can sleep at night knowing my Spin n Glo rigs are stored safely and ready to do battle at a moment’s notice. Also, I don’t have to worry that my diver leaders are coming uncoiled. In short, the FISHENG system is something I wish I would have thought of. These rig storage boards are a great idea and a great product.