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Evinrude New G2 Line-Up

By: Mark Romanack

            Two years ago Evinrude shocked the marine industry when they introduced the E-Tec G2 Outboard. Unlike anything that has ever powered a fishing boat, the G2 is as technically superior in function as it is new wave in appearance. Evinrude was looking to make a statement when they released the G2 in 2014.
            New for 2016 the popular E-Tec G2 line up has been expanded to include a 150, 150 HO, 175 and 200 horsepower versions. These 2016 additions complete the family of V6 powered G2 outboards. Even better, engines will start shipping to dealers and OEM’s as soon as July 2016.

            The new sizes of the G2 share the same space age look, high torque, exceptional fuel economy and low emission standards set down by the original G2 outboards. Built on a 66 degree V6 block, the new smaller versions of the G2 provide 30% more torque than competitive outboards, while coming in as the lowest emission outboards in the world. That’s right the Evinrude G2 two stroke outboards produce more torque, better fuel economy and less emissions than any four stroke outboard!
            Other noteworthy design features include a three gallon built in oil reservoir that allows the outboard to function for up to 50 hours without having to add oil. For most anglers that means they can top off the two stroke oil in the spring and fish all summer long without having to remove the cowling to add more two stroke oil.
            Evinrude is also expanding their standard cowling color options to include both an Ice Blue and Mossy Oak Camo version. With hundreds of cowling color and accent options to choose from, every E-Tec G2 owner can feel like they own a one of a kind outboard.
            Evinrude is backing up these new engines with the most comprehensive cowling to prop warranty ever offered in an outboard. For six full years the new G2 requires no scheduled maintenance!

            Evinrude E-Tec G2 outboards are leading the charge when it comes to engines that generate high torque, low emissions, industry leading fuel economy and low maintenance. For more information visit and see what all the buzz is about.