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A Multi-Species Boat Built Right

The STX 2050 is a rocket ship on flat water and one of the best
 running hulls on rough water to ever grace the name Starcraft.

Mark Romanack

            For several consecutive years the Fishing 411 guys have been running the Starcraft STX 2050. Among anglers who appreciate the virtues of an aluminum Deep V for multi-species fishing applications, the STX 2050  stands head and shoulders above the competition.
            The STX is just over 20 feet in length, sports a 100 inch beam, an inside depth of 24 inches, a horsepower rating of 250 ponies and a whopping 52 gallon fuel tank.

            To those who know aluminum boats the dead rise on the STX is the first thing that jumps out as unique. The STX sports a very steep 19 degree dead rise at the transom, something rarely seen in aluminum boats. A steep dead rise tames waves like no other and in the case of the STX the “V” stretches forward past the console.
            The unique combination of dead rise and the length of the “V” allows the STX 2050 to run rough water better than any other aluminum boat in it’s class.

            The 19 degree dead rise of the STX is critically important to the performance of this multi-species hull, but another unique Starcraft feature is equally important in producing a superior performing fishing hull. The STX also features Starcraft’s exclusive Power Trac Hull, a reverse chine design that gives the STX lightning quick hole shots, exceptional hull lift and a rock stable fishing platform.
            Combining the Power Trac Hull with a 19 degree dead rise creates a hull that comes up on plane quickly even when the boat is fully loaded with fuel, passengers and gear. Once on plane the STX will run on plane at much lower RPM’s than other hulls because the reverse chine hull generates exceptional lift and control at low, mid-range and wide open RPM levels.
            The ability to run on plane at slower speeds is critical to a big water fishing boat that will be operating in all sorts of conditions from glass flat to towering big seas. Just about any aluminum boat will run nicely on flat water, but the real test of an aluminum fishing hull is how well that boat performs when running in rough water, quartering seas and running under a heavy load. The STX 2050 is the standard all other aluminum multi-species hulls are compared to.

            A great hull design must also be tough. The STX 2050 features a one piece bottom that is a whopping .125 or 1/8 inch thick. Starcraft’s one piece hull is significantly stronger than other brands that are welded or riveted at the keel.
            The hull is married to the super structure of the boat using a process called Torsion Beam Construction. All seams are double riveted creating an exceptionally tough hull that sports the best warranty in the business.
            The STX 2050 is protected by Starcraft’s exclusive LifeTime Plus 6 warranty that covers every inch of the boat. The decks, hull and super structure of the STX are covered under a limited LifeTime Warranty. Starcraft also provides a six year warranty on all carpets, upholstery, plumbing  and electronics. Even better this “industry best” warranty is also transferable to a second owner!
The Starcraft STX 2050 was designed by a talented group 
of walleye tournament professionals. What they created was not only
 the ultimate aluminum “walleye” boat, they created a 
fishing hull that is ideal for a wealth of fishing opportunities.

            The whopping 100 inch beam of the STX generates a huge amount of fishing room both at the bow and transom of the boat. The carpeted raised front deck houses three dry storage compartments, a baitwell and a lockable rod locker capable of holding a dozen full size trolling rods.
            Integrated storage is also built into the gunwale making for the perfect place to store frequently used items like in-line planer boards, buoy markers, dock lines, etc.
            The cockpit of the STX features heavy duty vinyl flooring, a four person seating capacity, a 31 gallon aerated and recirculated livewell/baitwell, plus four dry storage compartments built into the gunwales. Two extra deep battery boxes are built into the floor allowing the STX to carry three 31 group deep cycle batteries and two cranking batteries. Keeping these heavy batteries in the belly of the beast helps to keep the weight distribution of the STX centered amidship.
            Designed as a walleye tournament series boat, the STX is also the commensurate multi-species fishing platform. Ideal for all trolling, casting and drift fishing presentations, the STX also readily accepts critically important fishing accessories.
            Every STX comes factory supplied with four lengths of accessory track through bolted onto the gunwales ideal for mounting rod holders, electronics brackets and even heavy gear like downriggers.
Jake’s STX 2050 sports a very cool custom wrap,
 200 Evinrude G2, 9.8 Evinrude kicker motor,
 MotorGuide Xi5 electric motor and Lowrance electronics throughout.

            In summary what sets the STX 2050 apart from other aluminum boats is the one piece hull, the Power Trac “reverse chine” hull, the 19 degree dead rise and the .125 thick running surface. No other aluminum hull comes close to the performance features of the STX 2050.
            Not only does the STX set the standard for aluminum deep V multi-species boats, Starcraft is so confident in this boat it comes with the best warranty in the business. Anyone who has any doubt about the STX owes it to themselves to take one for a test ride and see for themselves what everyone is talking about.